About Us

Family owned and operated since our inception in 1950. Schaffer Grinding has pioneered the development of new and innovative grinders and grinding techniques. We have constantly redesigned, updated and maintained our existing machinery, and lead the industry in surface, rotary and abrasive belt grinding. We offer our customers an abrasive machinery service that we feel is truly unsurpassed in the vital areas of quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing. Our range of operations spans from small, high-volume parts to giant weldments, castings, magnetic and non-magnetic plates and sheets. We hold our customers in high regard, and strive forward to establish and maintain strong business relationships.


  • Aerospace / Aircraft
  • Steel / Metal Distributors
  • Machine Rebuilding
  • Medical Industry
  • Industrial Repair
  • Architecture / Artistic Finishes
  • Food Services
  • Construction

  • Extensive knowledge of metals and the technology of abrasives to apply to your specifications
  • Edge and End Grinding
  • Angle/Sine Plate Grinding
  • Precision Measurement Instrumentation
  • Largest grinding capacity in the industry